A New Era of IH Design

An Excerpt from Red Tractors
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A new era of IH design takes shape in this excerpt from Red Tractors. Learn more about tractor design, innovation, and history on our FUEL blog, and check out Red Tractors 1958–2013.  

          The new 40 and 60 series tractors would feature an all-new square look. The line was due for a makeover. The smooth lines used on the hundred series tractors had originally been penned by the Raymond Loewy design team in the 1930s. Beginning in the mid-1950s, the IH design team created sketches, models, and full-size mockups of the look that would define Harvester for the next decade.

The square design that debuted with the 40 and 60 series was considered much earlier, as evidenced by this 1954 sketch. Gregg Montgomery collection

This undated drawing shows more of the square look, again on a Farmall 400. Gregg Montgomery collection

By January 27, 1956, the look of the 40 and 60 series was quite close. The moniker “four hundred” was used on this mockup photograph. Gregg Montgomery collection

Also dated January 27, 1956, this mockup has “400” on the nose. It’s possible this is the right-hand side of the same mockup shown in the previous image. Gregg Montgomery collection

The square design is refined and cleaned up on this early prototype image dated June 23, 1956. Wisconsin Historical Society / 65716