Photographic Prints

If Lee Klancher photographed your machine for publication, you can order prints and also qualify for special discounts and pricing. 

We offer prints, framed art, coffee mugs, and more. The standard items below can be ordered from Shipping and handling is an additional cost. Order directly from the gallery, or contact us at 512-430-1943 or [email protected] to place an order. 
Photo Prints (you frame them)      Price    
8x10-inch metallic print                    $25.00  
8x12-inch metallic print                    $29.00
12x18-inch metallic print                  $62.50  
16x20-inch metallic print                  $99.00  
24x36-inch metallic print                  $175.00
30x40-inch metallic print                  $250.00
Call for custom sizes.
Ready to Hang Wall Art               Price    
8x12-inch ready-to-hang                $85.00
16x24-inch ready-to-hang              $150.00
12x18-inch float (aluminum)           $125.00
20x30-inch float (aluminum)          $250.00
24x36-inch stretched canvas         $350.00
30x40-inch stretched canvas         $420.00
Call for custom sizes.
Keepsakes                                  Price    
Mouse Pad                                  $18.00
Coffee Mug                                  $24.95
Photo Puzzle                               $40.00
Call for phone cases, playing cards and more.

Ordering Information
You can find a gallery with your images at SmugMug. You can order copies directly from taht gallery. Note that if you don’t see your tractor or the right size print, contact us at [email protected] and we can help you find the perfect size and treatment for your space.
If your vehicle has been featured in one of our books or calendars, you get a discounted price. See below.
Title                                         Discounted Price
Farmall Calendar                    $10.00
Red Tractors                           $45.00
Red Combines (2021 edition) $40.00
Red 4WD Tractors                  $45.00
John Deere Evolution             $40.00
TRACTOR                              $20.00

Email [email protected]
Call 512-430-1943
SmugMug Ordering Information
You can find your tractor gallery and order items directly from SmugMug this by going to