Lee Klancher

CEO and Publisher
Company founder and chief bottle-washer

Faith Garcia

Production Editor
Fabricating books from conception to print

Sydney Weathers

Publishing Administrative Assistant
Caring for customers, vendors and much more

Tom Heffron

Design and Production Specialist
Building award-winning books, covers and more

Alicia Reynolds

Balancing the books and fueling our people

Jo Snyder

Firing up the press about our motorsports books

Jason Poulos

SEO & Digital Marketing Strategist
Making it easy to find the books you love

Kathleen Majorsky

Email Wunderkind
Lighting Inboxes and our SEO on fire

Alex Liannoy

Development Lead
Rocking our website with high-octane development

Andrea Jacquin

Publicist, Ag Media
Promoting good books to good people