Trade Orders


Retailers can order our books online–just select the button below, place your order, pay with a credit card, and we'll get the books sent your way!

We are also happy to take orders by the phone, or to help you through the system with your first order.

Call our office at 512.761.4555, email your order at, or send a fax to 512.430.5343. We will invoice you in one business day, and ship titles from our warehouse.

If you'd like to apply for credit, fill out the form at the link below and we'll notify you in a few days. Once you are approved, you can log in to your account and orders books at your convenience. We'll get them shipped and send you an invoice.

Our titles are available in a wide variety of trade databases in the US and Europe–download our trade catalog or discount schedule for a complete listing of the venues that carry Octane Press titles.
Drop us a note!