Exploring the world on today's modern adventure motorcycles offers the opportunity to see some of the most spectacular corners of the globe. In this stunning calendar, photographers Alberto Lara and Naomi Tweddle have captured incredible vistas from mountain tops, desert floors, and coastal roadways. These remote destinations were visited by adventure motorcycles, which are some of the most capable off-road vehicles in existence. Whether you love motorcycles or travel to remote places, this visually captivating calendar is sure to provide a full year of inspiration.

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Title: Adventure Motorcycle Calendar 2017
Subtitle: Travels with a globe-trotting couple
24 pages
ISBN-13: 9781937747695
Publisher: Octane Press
Publication date: Saturday, July 30, 2016
Product Dimensions:
17 × 11.375 × 1 in
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Author: Alberto Lara
Co-Author: Naomi Tweddle