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Journey to the End of the World


Everyone has a bucket list. And on almost any motorcycle rider's list is some kind of remote destination —a dream journey. For many, that destination is the so-called "end of the world,' in Ushuaia, Argentina. The 15 seasoned adventure motorcyclists in this book made the dream a reality as they negotiated an uncharted route to the southernmost tip of South America, on a journey dubbed Expedition 65.

Within the 65 degrees of latitude traveled between the top of South America and its bottom, the epic voyage blazed an 11,000 mile path through many of the continent’s most iconic locations, from the world’s most dangerous road to the globe’s largest salt flat, and from the jungle to the desert. The experiences ranged from high-class to low-brow, and everything in between.

Captured by long-time professional photographer Alfonse Palaima and scribed by British expat Colin Evans, this account reveals South America's highest mountain passes as well as its most intensely spiritual landscapes, all experienced from the saddle of an adventure motorcycle. Dig out the bucket list and get ready to take notes; this book will take you there.


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Title: Journey to the End of the World
The Expedition 65 Adventure Motorcycle Ride from Columbia to Ushuaia
Octane Press
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Sunday, October 1, 2017
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