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Strasser's Road

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Today’s most successful ultra-cyclist chronicles the highlights and setbacks of his experiences competing in and winning the Race Across America (RAAM), as well as setting multiple 24-hour world records. This autobiography by champion cyclist Christoph Strasser offers an intimate look at the sacrifices required to compete at the top level of the grueling sport of ultra-endurance cycling. The book also imparts the importance of savoring the journey. “The joy in reaching a goal lasts only briefly,“ Strasser says, “real satisfaction comes in the small daily steps on the way there.”

“The book is not a motivational guide, but an open, honest biography with many insights behind the scenes of RAAM. Above all, I want to shed more light on my weaknesses, and the roadblocks I faced—because these ultimately led me to continually look for improvements. And I want to share my message that as a ‘normal’ person, you can achieve unimaginable things.”

Strasser’s Road: The Story of the Record-Setting Race Across America Winner goes beyond the usual sports biography; it offers life lessons about goals, achievements, and the many steps, joys, failures, and successes along the way.


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