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IH 1468

Wilson Gatewood's V-8

Wilson Gatewood bought his International 1468 in 1997. He is the only the third owner since it was delivered to the dealer in Madison County, Indiana. Other than its short life at the dealership, this 1468 has only lived in two counties, about 30 miles apart from each other: Tipton and Hamilton. The original owner got this particular tractor after trading in his 1456. He ran it for five years before trading it back in for its successor, the 1568. Gatewood came across this machine at a farm estate sale, removed the factory cab and replaced it with a factory ROPS canopy. Gatewood also replaced the torque amplifier and rear bearings to get the machine in good running condition. From there it was a coat of paint and detailing before the 1468 was restored new life. Gatewood takes the 1468 to shows and parades with the occasional ride through the fields to keep her limber. She has 4,100 hours and plenty more miles left on the tires. 






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