With the 1998 debut of its V92C, Victory Motorcycles became the New American Motorcycle. Victory’s innovative and stylish heavyweight cruisers attracted a loyal, hard-riding following, though not the market share that was needed to survive. This richly illustrated book covers the brand’s history model-by-model, and analyzes why the parent company announced in early 2017 that its Victory division would cease operation. This book also features a full reprint of the in-depth history of the making of the first V92C, The Victory Motorcycle (May 1998).

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Title: Victory Motorcycles 1998-2017
Subtitle: The Complete History of an American Original / 1998–2017
192 pages
ISBN-13: 9781937747930
Publisher: Octane Press
Publication date: Thursday, March 29, 2018
Product Dimensions:
8.5 × 11 × 1 in
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Author: Michael Dapper
Co-Author: Lee Klancher