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Robert Hoekman Jr

Robert Hoekman Jr has authored several books and dozens of articles for a range of publications, including Iron & Air and Fast Company magazine's "Co.Design" blog. He has spoken on design and other topics to packed rooms at events all over the world. Robert's talents for questioning and challenging conventional wisdom have earned him success in a myriad of professional interests, including design, writing, editing, design strategy consulting, and public speaking. He rode motorcycles exclusively for the first nine years he had a license (not bothering with a car until he was 26 years old), and has logged more miles on two wheels than on four. The 2012 Triumph Bonneville he rides today is his only vehicle. He has used it to straighten thousands of bent roads on the way to and through Arizona's quirky and eccentric towns and destinations. Robert lives in downtown Phoenix, Arizona with his partner Jodi and their two dogs, Max and Daisy.