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Lois Pryce

Motorcycle Traveler, Rock n' Roll Junkie, and former BBC Producer.
Lois Pryce is a British travel author, freelance journalist, speaker and presenter. She is also a cofounder/curator of the Adventure Travel Film Festival. Torn between the career paths of two illustrious relatives, Max Born, the Nobel Prize Winner in Physics and his granddaughter, Olivia Newton-John, Lois abandoned her interest in Quantum Theory and at the age of sixteen left school and spent the next couple of years as a carrot-picker, painter & decorator and failing an audition as a kiss-o-gram before finding her home in rock ‘n’ roll. After various jobs in record shops and record labels she ended up as a product manager for the BBC. But by 2003, Lois had grown weary of the daily grind in jargon-infested London media-land, so she jacked in her job at the Beeb to ride 20,000 miles from Alaska to the tip of South America astride her 225cc Yamaha trail bike. Upon her return she wrote the book of this trip, Lois on the Loose, which was published in the USA and the UK and translated into several languages. Itchy wheels struck again and it wasn’t long before she was plotting another adventure. In October 2006 she set off once more, this time to ride the length of Africa from London to Cape Town, crossing the Sahara through Algeria and Niger and continuing down the west coast through the Congo and Angola to South Africa. Four months and ten thousand miles later she rolled into Cape Town just about in one piece, having tackled Kalashnikov-wielding soldiers and Angolan minefields along the way. Her book of this awesome adventure, Red Tape & White Knuckles was published in 2008. Since returning from Africa she has written and presented ‘Ladies on the Loose’, a DVD guide to worldwide motorcycle travel from the female perspective, featuring an impressive cast of women adventure riders from around the globe. She is also a contributing editor to Overland Journal, a columnist for Outrider Journal and a co-founder of The Adventure Travel Film Festival which takes place in the USA and the UK each year. When she’s not on the road she lives on a Dutch barge in London with her motorcycle adventurer husband, Austin Vince with whom she has just returned from a coast-to-coast ride across the USA in a Ural sidecar outfit. The rest of her hours are spent pickin’ ‘n’ grinning as the banjo player in all-girl London bluegrass band, The Jolenes.