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Ian Falloon

Ducati Expert
Ian Falloon was born in New Zealand in 1952 and studied engineering at Victoria University in Wellington. In 1976 Ian began working for the New Zealand Ducati distributors Baker, and later Eurobike. This led to a life long passion for Italian motorcycles, and Ducati in particular. In the 1980's Ian moved to Australia and began writing for motorcycle magazines as a freelance journalist. Years of accumulating documents and information on Ducati motorcycles eventually led to his first book, The Ducati Story. Originally published in 1996, this work has since appeared in five editions, six reprints, as well as translations to German and Italian. The success of The Ducati Story has led to the publication of a further fifteen books on Ducati, and fifteen on other motorcycle marques including BMW, Moto Guzzi, Laverda, Honda, and Kawasaki. An avid collector and restorer of older Italian motorcycles, Ian Falloon is considered one of the world authorities on Ducati motorcycles. He lives in Melbourne with his wife and two sons.