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Alberto Lara

Author of Adventure Motorcycle Calendar 2016
Born and raised in Peru, Alberto grew up in the perfect environment to become a tireless traveler. His dad worked in remote areas in the Peruvian Andes, in the mining industry, which required the family to regularly travel deep into the mountains. Exposed to the beauty and magic of Peru’s mountain regions, Alberto gained an appreciation for these areas at an early age. Alberto’s dad had his first motorcycle (Honda C50) when he was a teenager, and when Alberto turned 12, his dad bought him a 50cc scooter, which he rode until he was 17. Alberto came to Canada at the age of 23 searching for new experiences and challenges. Five years later, he met Naomi, his partner in life. Through her, Alberto was reintroduced to the world of two wheels. Naomi also influenced his decision to get a motorcycle, but also taught him how to operate a proper motorbike. Photography was one of the hobbies he developed while in Canada. Combining his passion for traveling, the incomparable thrill he gets from riding motorcycles, and his sharp eye for photography was a spontaneous occurrence.