This is the contents page for the book, Classic Honda Motorcycles by Bill Silver.

   The First Year in America

Soichiro Honda
   Honda Timeline

Chapter 1
Essential Knowledge
   Product Codes
   Parts Quality
   Getting Help
   Title and Documentation
   Determine the Production Year
   Turn Signals
   After 1967
   Later Model Identification
Chapter 2
The Street Singles
   Pushrod 50s and 90s
      C(A)110 Sports Cub (1960-69)
      P50 Little Honda (The Motorwheel) (1967-68)
   Honda 50s: Toys or Transportation?
      Key Milestones of Honda Super Cub Series

   Pushrod 90s

   OHC Four-Stroke Singles (1964-69
      S90 Super 90 and CL90 Scrambler 90 (1964-69)
      CB, CL, SL100-125 (1970-75)

   Big Street Singles
      FT500 (1982-83)
      GB500 (1989-90)
      MB-5 (1982) and NS50F (1990)
      CT90 Trail 90 (1966-79)

Chapter 3
The 125-250cc Street Twins
   CB92R (1961-62)
   Benly 125 Super Sport (1959-62)
   CL125A and SS125A (1967-69)
   CB160 and CL160 Super Sport and Scrambler (1965-68)
   CA92-95 Benly (1959-70)
   CA175K3 Touring 175 (1969-70)

Little Street Twins Get Bigger
   CB175, CL175, and SL175 (1968-73)
   CB200 and CL200 (1974-76) and CM185-200-250 (1978-83)
Chapter 4
The Classic 250-305cc Twins
   CB72 Hawk and CB77 Super Hawk (1961-68)
   CL72 and CL77 Scrambler (1962–68)
   Dream 250-305 (1959-69)
   CA72 and CA77 Dream (1960-69)

Riding the Classics
   CB77 Super Hawk
   CL77 Scrambler
   250-305cc Dream

Mystery Models
      CE71 Dream Sport (1959)
      CM72 (1961)
      CP77 and CYP77
      C72 and C77 Dream
   CB350 and CL350 (1968-73)
   CB350G (1973)
   CB, CL, CJ360 and 360T (1974-77)
   CB400, CM400 and CB450 (1978-86)

DOHC Twins 1965-76
   CB450-500T (1965-76)

   Honda CB450 Black Bomber (1965-67)

Chapter 5
The V-Twins
   V-Twins: East-West
      CX500 and GL650 (1978-83)
   V-Twins North-South
      VT500 Ascot (1983-84)
      NT650 Hawk GT (1988-91)
Chapter 6
   CB750 (1969-78)
   CB750F Super Sport (1975–78)
   CB750A Hondamatic (1976-78)
   CB500-550 (1971-78)
   CB550F Super Sport (1975–77)
   CB650 and CB650C (1979–82)
   Riding the Honda Mid-Size Four-Cylinders
   CB350F (1972-74)
   CB400F (1975–77)
   CB750K and CB750C (1979–82)
   CB750F, CB900F and CB1100F Super Sport (1979–83)
   CB900C and CB1000C Custom (1980–83)
   550-750 DOHC Nighthawks (1983–2003)

The 700cc Tariff Years
   CB400F and CB-1 (1989-90)

Chapter 7
   CBX Super Sport (1979-82)
      CBX Super Sport (1979)
      CBX Sport Kits
      CBX Super Sport (1980)
      CBX Super Sport (1981-82)

Chapter 8
The Gold Wing
   GL1000 (1975–79)
   From the Honda Service School book
   GL1100 (1980–83)
   GL1200 (1984–87)
   GL1500 (1988–2000)

Chapter 9
The Sporting V-4s
   VF750, VF700F, VF700C, and VF700S (1982-1985)
   VF500F and VF500C (1984–86)
   VF1000R and VF1000F (1984–86)
   VFR700, VFR750F and VF700C (1986–97)
   RC30 (1990)

Chapter 10
The Off-Road and Dual-Sport Bikes
   Z50 Mini Trail 50 (1968–88)
   CT70 and CT70H Trail 70 (1970-94)
   QA50 (1970–75
   ST90 Trailsport 90 (1973-75)

SL Motosports
   SL70 and XL70 (1971–76)
   XR75 (1973-78)
   XL75, XL80, XR80, XL100S and XR100 (1977-85)
   SL350 Motosport (1969–73)
   SL100 and XL100 (1970–78)
   SL125 and XL125 (1971–78)
   SL175, XL175, XL185, XR185, XL200 and XR200 (1970-2003)
   XL250 and XR250 (1972–2004)
   XL350 (1974–78)
   XR500 and XL500 (1979–84)
   XLV600 Transalp (1989–90)
   TL125 and TL250 (1973–76)
   TLR200 (1986–87)

Chapter 11
The Two-Stroke Off-Road and Dual-Sport Bikes
   CR250 and CR125 (1973–75)
   MR50 (1974–75)
   CR250 and CR125 (1976–78)
   CR250 and CR125 (1979-80)

The Two-Stroke Dual-Sports
   MT125 and MT250 Elsinore (1974-76)
   MR175 and MR250 Elsinore (1975-77)

Chapter 12
Collectible Roadracers
   MT125R1 and R2 (1977-78)
   RSC350 (CYB350)
   CR750 (1970)
   Classic Racers
Appendix A
Honda RC Roadracers

Appendix B
Significant Honda Models 1958-1990

Appendix C
Classic Honda Motorcycle Specifications
   C100 Super Cub and CA100 Honda 50
   C (CA) 110 Super Sports Cub
   S90, CL90, and SL90
   CL125A and SS125A
   CB92 Benly Super Sport
   CB160 and CL160
   CA72 and CA77 Dream Touring
   CE71 Dream Sport 250
   CB72 Hawk and CB77 Super Hawk
   CL72 and CL77 Scrambler
   CB350 and CL350
   CB450K0 Super Sport 450
   CB350F Four and CB400F Super Sport 400 Four
   GB500 Tourist Trophy
   Honda NT650 Hawk GT
   CB500 and CB550
   CB1100F Super Sport
   CBX Super Sport
   VF500F Interceptor
   VF750F and VF700F Interceptor
   GL1000 Gold Wing

Appendix D
Vintage Honda Web Sites
   Parts and Services
   History and Information

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