Harley-Davidson Family Memories

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In Jean Davidson’s latest book, she works with her son, Jon Davidson Oeflein, to share a very personal glimpse of the founding days of the Harley-Davidson company. The pair gathered little-known stories such as the tale of how the young Arthur and William Harley saw the curvaceous French performer Anna Held finish her vaudeville act by riding a motorcycle on to the stage. Could that have spurred the young men to build their first motorcycle? They also recount the tale about family friend Ole Evinrude, who Arthur Davidson liked to say built his first outboard so he wouldn’t have to row across the lake to woo his sweetheart. Complemented by photographs from the family archive, rare magazines, and even the Harley-Davidson archives, these personal glimpses provide an entertaining and revealing portrait of the men and women who created America’s favorite motorcycle.

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