2025 Farmall Tractors Calendar

Farmall Tractors Calendar 2025


Paint Your Shop Wall Red with the Farmall Tractor Calendar

Continue the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Farmall tractor with the 2025 edition of this fantastic calendar! The perennial favorite highlights the golden years of the Farmall brand, and Lee Klancher’s gorgeous images of vintage machines in rustic farm settings take center stage. The spectacular visuals are accompanied with stories about each machine and details on how that model fit into the Farmall evolution. Included are some of the most interesting models in Farmall history, and the calendar itself is a stunning and collectible celebration of 100 years of one of the world’s most iconic brands.

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1965 Farmall 1206

1965 Farmall 1206

After the debacle with the 560, International Harvester turned up the heat on new model creation in a legendary battle for market supremacy. Its next flagship introduction was the new-for-1963 706 and 806, which hit every note with world-class horsepower, features, and styling. The problem was its main competitor matched the move by dumping barrels of cash into research and development. In 1965, the red brigade fired back with the Farmall 1206, a turbocharged ground ripper with 112 PTO horsepower. Early production models ripped the tires apart, and the model was delayed until new tires could be developed to match the power output. Perhaps the most beloved red tractor in modern times, the 1206 is the product of an epic battle of the world’s largest tractor manufacturers. This 1965 1206 features front-wheel-assist and is part of the Kinzenbaw collection.


1974 Farmall 1568

1974 Farmall 1568

The V8-powered International Harvester tractors were the brainchild of the marketing department. The 1468 and 1568 are neither the most powerful nor the most efficient models for their times—the turbocharged six-cylinder diesels are more powerful—but the double stacks and throaty V8 rumble make the 1468s and 1568s extremely popular with collectors. Fitting the engine proved a sizable task, as the six-cylinder engines in the 66 series were designed to a stressed part of the tractor’s structure. The V8 was not designed this way, so the side rails on the 1468 and 1568 had to be made out of nodular cast iron. This 1974 1568 is the first example produced and is owned by Jerry Kuster.


The 2025 Calendar Features the Following Legendary Interational and Farmall Tractors!

  1. 1939 Farmall F-30 
  2. 1940 Farmall M “Gramps”
  3. Farmall 300 Super Hi-Crop
  4. 1950 Farmall Cub Demonstrator
  5. 1957 Farmall 450 
  6. Farmall 460
  7. Farmall 1206 
  8. Farmall 706-756 prototype 
  9. 1970 Farmall 656 Demonstrator 
  10. Farmall 1568 (first production) 
  11. International 1086 (first production)
  12. International 3088

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