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Every year a new fad makes its mark at Raccoon Forks High: often noisy, outlandish, expensive, or silly, but never dangerous or destructive. At this sleepy school, even the drag racing fad was comparatively tame . . . until David "Outlaw" Galt transferred from Capital City High. Usurping Mike Revere's position as the best boy with the best car—and stealing the girl who went with it—Outlaw set off a power struggle the likes of which Raccoon Forks had never seen. But Mike was willing to drive his way to victory, no matter the cost.

Crash Club is another Henry Gregor Felsen novel that captured the heart and soul of 1950s hot rod culture. The lean, mean story follows Revere's hard-driving path to rodding redemption, riffs on some meaningful messages, and unleashes a fast and furious read. Dig in and learn what millions of readers already know; the world’s most popular hot rod novels are a hopped-up high-horsepower thrill ride.

This title is part of the Retro Reads series. The collection reissues high-quality narrative titles and introduces them to a new audience. With this series, motoring enthusiasts will delight in familiar classics and discover new, dynamic narratives. 

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