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Hot Rod

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Seventeen-year-old Bud Crayne built the fastest cars in town and drove his high-octane machines on the ragged edge. His need for speed would prove dangerous to him and the people around him, including his wannabe starlet girlfriend, La Verne, and the kids in his small hometown of Avondale, all of whom were dragged down his path to high-horsepower hell.   

Hot Rod captured the heart and soul of 1950s hot rod culture. The lean, mean story follows Crayne’s hard-driving path to rodding redemption, riffs on some meaningful messages, and unleashes a fast and furious read. Dig in and learn what millions of readers already know; the world’s most popular hot rod novel is a hopped-up high-horsepower thrill ride.

Originally published in 1950, Hot Rod is the first in a series of 6 popular rodding books that sold more than 8 million copies! Immensely popular with young readers in its early days, the books are wildly entertaining cautionary tales meant to keep speed-hungry teens safe on the streets. In limited circulation for the past decade, Octane Press has created this fantastic new edition.

Check out the second book in the series, Street Rod!

This title is part of the Retro Reads series. The collection reissues high-quality narrative titles and introduces them to a new audience. With this series, motoring enthusiasts will delight in familiar classics and discover new, dynamic narratives. 

"This book is for young adults of any age, a book for gearheads of all ages." – Sabu Advani,

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