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Joe Cella

Supply Chain and Operations
Master of Efficient Logistics

Joe Cella is an accomplished and proactive result-oriented senior operations professional, with extensive broad-based experience leading cross-functional projects to transform processes, people, and systems.  He has a 35+ year career in publishing and supply chain management.  As a former operations executive with the Quarto Publishing Group, Joe is experienced in all aspects of supply operations, inventory management, returns management, inbound logistics, outsourced distribution and fulfillment services and facilities management.  Joe began his career in publishing as a writer, technical photo director and project manager, but early on, shifted his focus towards publishing operations, bringing budgeting, cost control, process improvement and supply chain management to those companies that he has worked for.  Joe currently provides consulting services to the publishing industry, leveraging his expertise within the operational field.
Joe holds a Master of Science degree from North Dakota State University, where prior to publishing, he was a research biologist for the USDA, the US Forest Service and the Army Corps of Engineers.  When not focused on work, Joe’s hobbies include Canadian wilderness canoeing and exploration, fishing and photography.  Joe lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota with his wife Jane and together, they enjoy spending weekends at their lake home in northern Minnesota.