This is the contents page for the book, Red Tractors 1958-2018 by Lee Klancher.
Foreword The Red Tractor Life by Max Armstrong  
Introduction The Art of Endurance by Lee Klancher  
Prologue 1902–1957: A Blacksmith’s Son  
One 1958–1959: The Hinsdale Connection  
  40 and 60 Series  
  British IH Tractors: 1947–1957  
  German IH Tractors: 1908–1959  
  French IH Tractors: 1900–1959  
  Australian IH Tractors: 1903–1959  
  Case Tractors: 1850–1959  
Two 1960–1969: The Steel Man’s Day in the Sun  
  Models 404 and 504  
  06 Series  
  The Solar Aircraft Company and the HT-340  
  International 4300  
  International 4100s  
  Cub Cadet: 1960–1981  
  International 56 Series  
  International 544  
  International 826 and 1026  
  Gold Demonstrators: 1970  
  British IH Tractors: 1960–1969  
  German IH Tractors: 1960–1969  
  French IH Tractors: 1960–1969  
  Australian IH Tractors: 1960–1969  
  Case Tractors: 1960–1969  
Three 1970–1979: The Dynasty’s Heir  
  66 Series  
  World Wide Tractors  
  86 Series  
  30 Series 2+2 Tractors  
  84 Series  
  French-German Common Market  
  Tractors: 1970–1979  
  Australian Tractors: 1970–1979  
  Case Tractors: 1970–1979  
1980–1985: High Tech in Dark Times
  International 50 Series  
  International 30 Series  
  International 200 Series Compacts  
  International 60 Series 2+2s  
  Super 70 Series  
  French-German Common Market  
  Tractors: 1980 and Beyond  
  Australian IH Tractors: 1980–1985  
  Case Tractors: 1980–1985  
Five 1985–1989: The Color of Your Blood  
  Case IH Interim Tractors  
  Magnum 7100 Series  
  Maxxum 5100 Series  
  Steiger: 1957–1985  
  Steiger 9100 Series  
Six 1990–1999: Worthy Ends  
  95 Series  
  Magnum 7200 Series  
  Magnum 8900 Series  
  Maxxum 5200 Series  
  3200–4200 Series  
  C-CX Series  
  9200 Series  
  Steiger Series  
  Steiger 9300 Quadtrac  
  Maxxum MX Series  
  Maxxum MXC Series  
  Magnum MX Series: Generation I  
  The CNH Merger  
Seven 2000–2018: The World Awaits  
  Magnum MX Series: Generation II  
  Magnum MX Series: Generation III  
  Gold Signature Edition Demonstrators: 2008  
  Magnum MX Series: Generation IV  
  Magnum MX Series: Generation V  
  Steiger Tractors: 2001–2018  
  Maxxum MXU Series  
  Maxxum MXM Series  
  Farmall JX and JXU Series  
  Farmall D and DX Series  
  Farmall Series