Red Combines 1915-2020 Table of Contents

This is the contents page for the book, Red Combines 1915-2020 by Lee Klancher and Gerry Salzman.
The Combine Family by Gerry Salzman
Seeds of Innovation by Lee Klancher
Harvesting America by Lee Klancher
J. I. Case Threshing Machine Company
One 1915–1941: The Early Days of Combines
  J. I. Case Company 1915–1941
Two 1942–1961: The Rise of Self-Propelled Machines
  The Small Self-Propelled Combines
  The Pull-Type Combines
  J. I. Case Company 1942–1961
Three 1962–1977: The Big Tough Rugged Line
  03 Series
  15 Series
  J. I. Case Company 1962–1972
Four 1954–1977: Development of the Axial-Flow Combine
  Early Rotary Combine Designs
  Harvester’s Rotary Separation Experiments
  The IH Rotary is Born
  Inspired by Corn
  The Multi-Pass Combine
  The CX-1
  The Next Generation Prototypes
  The Surprise
  The War Horse
  “Bamfoozled” by the French: 1972
  Dark Secrets and Deep Pockets: 1973
  Logical and Simple: 1974
  A New Name: 1975
  Who Builds It? 1976
  Building Red Combines in Fort Wayne
  The East Moline Plant 1920s–1980
  Building the 300: The Looney Room
  The Red Demon: 1977
Five 1978–1985: The Axial-Flow Debuts
  International Harvester 1440
  The Cab
  International Harvester 1460
  Axial-Flow Design and Styling
  International Harvester 1480
  Rat Patrol: The 1979 Strike
  International Harvester 1482
  Pull-Type Combine
  International Harvester 1470
  Hillside Combine
  International Harvester 1420
  How Axial-Flow Separation Works
  The Probine
  The Dawn of Case IH
  The Color Red
Six 1986–1994: Winds of Change
  1600 Series
  Going Public
  ProHarvest Support Program
Seven 1995–2008: The Art of New Machines
  2100 Series
  New Cab for 2100 Series
  2300 Series
  The Rotary Poster
  Main Street Tour Program
  AFX Series Development
  Moving the Midrange Combine
  AFX 8010
  2007 “Red Top” 8010 and new 7010
  The Quadtrac Combine
  2500 Series
  30th Anniversary Celebration
  The 100 Club
Eight 2009–2020: The Modern Era
  120 Series
  88 Series
  The Evolution of AFS
  130 and 230 Series
  Building Red Combines
  140 and 240 Series
  150 and 250 Series
  Custom Harvesting
Nine Red Combines International
  Red Combines in the United Kingdom
  French Red Combines
  German Red Combines
  Australian Red Combines
  Red Combines in Central Asia
  Red Combines in Latin America
  Red Combines in China
Ten Harvesting Equipment
  Corn Harvesters
  Cotton Harvesters
  Other Harvesters
  The Future of the Combine
  Red Combines Model List