This is the table of contents page for the book, Red 4WD Tractors by Lee Klancher and Jim Allen. 
Foreword Traction Innovation
Introduction Farm Boy Geniuses
One Turn-of-the-Century Traction
  International Harvester’s Early
  Four-Wheel-Drive Development
Two 19501969: A Powerful Drive
  The First Steiger Tractors
  Farmall 560 Diesel Post-Factory Turbocharger Kit
  International MFD Tractors 1948–1969
  IH 4300 Tractors
  The Hough Connection
  4100 Series
  1964–1969: J. I. Case Four-Wheel Drive
  Four-Wheel-Drive Systems Explained
  The Steiger Barn Builds
Three 19691986: The Steiger Age
  Steiger Series I Tractors
  Major-League Moves: 1974–1975
  Steiger Series II Tractors
  Steiger Experimental Machines
  Turbulent Growth: 1976–1983
  Steiger Series III Tractors
  Steiger PT and PTA Tractors
Steiger Industrial Tractors
Steiger Series IV Tractors
Saving the Best for Last: 1982–1984
Steiger 1000 Series Tractors
Steiger Custom Builds
Steiger Toy Replicas
Better Red than Dead: 1985–1986
Four 19701984: The Red Revolution
  International MFD Tractors 1970–1980
  J. I. Case Four-Wheel-Drive Tractors: 1970–1985
  Steiger-Built International Tractors
  International 2+2
  International MFD Tractors 1981–1984
  Super 70 Series Tractors
  Tenneco Purchase of IH
Five 19601985: Harvester 4WD Abroad
  German IH 4WD Tractors
  British IH 4WD Tractors
  Australian IH 4WD Tractors
Six 19861994: Powering Out of Hard Times
  Case IH 9100 Series: 1986–1989
  Magnum MFD Tractors
  Case IH 9200 Series: 1990–1995
Seven 19952006: Harvesting Heritage
  Steiger 9300 Series
  The Quadtrac
  Quadtracs in the UK
  Steiger STX Series I
Eight 2006–2007: Steiger in the Twenty-First Century
  Steiger STX Series II
South to the Pole
Steiger Tier 4A
Quadtrac Levels the Field
Cutting-Edge Steiger
The Optum
Farming the Wilds of Western Australia
Case IH Autonomous Tractors
Epilogue Building for the Future
Appendix Red 4WD Tractors Model List