Publishing Services

Services for Authors and Independent Publishers

Publishing independently makes good sense. We've developed the tools we need to create, publish, distribute, promote and sell our own books, and we offer those same services to other independents. We'll connect you directly to our established professionals and offer competitive prices. Contact Lee at to book services.


Turn-Key Book Creation      Bid Upon Request

We have a dedicated team of professionals that, on occasion, produce books we all like for select clients. We will help you get from an idea to a finished book, and are best at taking a completed manuscript and turning it into a first-class finished book. Our editors organize your material and clean up your copy, our book production team provides design and graphics, and our print production team will help you determine the best format for your project, whether it be print or digital. We also can point you in the right direction for distribution services. We only take on a few projects and charge a fair rate. Contact us for a bid.

Cover Design             $1299
Our designer is one of the best, and he loves creating covers. You supply the title, and we can supply the rest. Standard $499 service includes image from huge selection of stock images, custom type, and two versions to choose from. More advanced designs and increased options available on request.

Interior Design         $10 per page
Our most cost-efficient choice is interior book design in InDesign or Quark using a design template. You have choice of two fonts, and a professional high-quality look at an affordable pricepoint. Our book designer has more than 20 years of experience creating books as a full-time job at a book publisher. Those who want to make the book stand out can opt for a custom interior design for $11 per page.

Copy Editing           3.0 cents per word
Our copy editors are also experienced professionals, and provide first-class service and adhere to the Chicago Manual of Style. All editing done in Microsoft Word, with all changes shown using the corrections function.

Proofing                  $6.50 per page
Have experienced professionals proof the final pages of your book publishing project. We use only those with years of experience in the industry, and adhere to Chicago Manual of Style. We can work both with PDF files and hard copy printouts.

We also work with experienced professionals who can get bids for offset printing, create promotional videos, audio productions, and publicity campaigns. The end result is we provide all the tools necessary to make a great book rock.