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Men of Mangrt

Slovenian Cheesemakers & Shepherds

These men are sheperds in the tiny town of Mangrt, Slovenia. Well, town is a stretch. Mangrt is a spot on one of the most beautiful moutainous roads in the world, and in fact the highest road in Slovenia.

This family has worked the same piece of ground for generations. One of the sons estimated they had been there for 500 years. He truly didn't know--they didn't have good recorded history.

Their day starts early with milking.

Several of the men then go to the top of the mountain to tend the sheep.

They work 18-hour days during the summer. One of them told me that Tin, the heir apparent to the operation, sleeps like a dog. If an issue arises with the sheep, he wakes up instantaneously, ready to spring to action.
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