1970 IH 1456 Demonstrator | Octane Press

1970 IH 1456 Demonstrator

Gold Demonstrator Series #5

Owned by Ken and Dick Huber

This is the last in a series of five posts about the Gold Demonstrator Series tractors.

The Gold Demonstrator program was used by International Harvester to market their machines in 1970. Similar special paint schemes had been used in the past as sales tools, notably the white letter series machines in 1950. The only change made to the tractors was the paint scheme, and the only way to verify a gold demonstrator is to find original gold paint on it. This program was a somewhat confusing execution, as the idea was to promote their new hydrostatic tractors but demonstrators were available as gear drive machines. Also a bit odd was the fact that many of the models in the program were at the end of the model life. The models included were the 544, 656, 826, 1026, and the 1456. 

This 1456 was photographed Sept 9, 2012. The photograph has not appeared in many publications, so enjoy it here! The tractor was purchased by Ken and Dick Huber from Onaga, Kansas. 

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