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Andrew Cherney

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Sprung from the hinterlands of outer New York City, Andrew Cherney found his calling on the piney trails of the Catskill Mountains where he spent summers crashing his friends' dirtbikes into the bushes. Fast forward two decades and Andrew's lust for the two-wheel life is rekindled by a move to the west coast, where that passion gets channeled into motorjournalism.  He's served as a writer or editor on MX Racer, Sport Rider, Motorcyclist and Rider magazines, relaunched Motorcycle Escape in 2010, and also helmed Motorcycle Cruiser magazine for seven years  - all without crashing more than twice. A penchant for words, wheels and wayfaring is reflected in his 20-plus years in publishing; these days Andrew rides, writes and hikes in the glorious Pacific Northwest with his lovely wife and an obsessively needy Husky/Retriever mix. Check up on Cherney @CruiseDood on Instagram.