Brighten up your wall for 2021 and take a colorful tour of tractor evolution with this exclusive book and calendar gift set from Octane Press!

TRACTOR (Red Edition)
This rollicking ride into machine history follows the innovators, entrepreneurs and hucksters who transformed our world with farm machines. Starting with the turn-of-the-century visionaries who saw that four wheels and a motor could replace the horse, the book moves swiftly through key early developments to cover the power farming movement of the latter part of the 20th Century—a time when major manufacturers lagged behind and independent builders and farmers began creating their own solutions with a pencil drawing and a welder.

Light takes center stage in the 2021 edition of your favorite tractor calendar. The stars of the show are incredible images made by Lee Klancher in a 30x20-foot photo studio built in an abandoned aircraft hangar at the Half Century of Farm Progress Show. The lush studio images are paired with photographs of rare machines in the field and the shop from North America, Australia, and New Zealand. The spectacular visuals are accompanied with stories about the machines, and this year’s calendar covers 16 months in a larger 17x12-inch trim size.

The models featured in the 2021 calendar include: International 7488, Farmall Super BMD (New Zealand), Farmall 460 pulling tractor, Farmall 1026 FWA, Farmall 404, International Titan, International 1586, Farmall A514 (Australian), International 416­­­6, Farmall Super C, Farmall F-30, International 5288, and Farmall 1206 Prototype.

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Title: TRACTOR and Farmall Calendar
ISBN-13: 9781642340389
Publisher: Octane Press
Publication date: Friday, October 9, 2020
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Author: Lee Klancher