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Red Tractors 1958-2022 and Farmall Tractors Calendar 2023


You need more RED in your life! The new edition of Red Tractors: 1958-2022 and the 2023 Farmall Calendar will keep you satisfied all year long!

RED TRACTORS: 1958-2022

The third edition of the definitive guide to the history of International Harvester and Case IH tractors is revised and reformatted into a compact, 8x8-inch, easy-to-read volume. The latest edition of the award-winning history of International Harvester and Case IH tractors features an all-new cover and updated content, including data and photos of every model built from 1958 all the way up to 2022, as well as in-depth information on how these tractors were designed and constructed. Red Tractors 1958–2022 is a complete reprint of Red Tractors 1958–2013 and then some! 

With interviews of engineers and executives, the book covers how the 40 and 60 series were created, and thoroughly covers the red tractors from the 1960s through the 1980s. The book also traces the innovations and struggles of the final days of International Harvester. The authors unearthed a treasure trove of concept drawings and photos of prototype machines to shed new light on how these tractors were created. The book includes the exciting story of the creation of the Case-IH Magnum, an innovative machine that blends some of the great engineering done by IH with the Cummins engine built by Case. The modern era of Case IH is also included, with the story of the creation of the Quadtrac as well as the entire line of tractors. With a mix of new photography of some of the most exceptional collectible models in existence along with hundreds of previously unpublished photographs, this thorough book is the most authoritative guide on red tractors ever published.


Light takes center stage for the 2023 edition of your favorite tractor calendar. The stars of the show are incredible images made by Lee Klancher in a 30x20-foot photo studio built in an abandoned aircraft hangar at the Half Century of Progress Show. The lush studio images are accompanied by photographs of rare machines in the fields, pastures, and rustic farm settings. Rich stories about the machines compliment the spectacular visuals.

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Title: Red Tractors 1958-2022 and Farmall Tractors Calendar 2023
Octane Press
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Monday, October 17, 2022
8.5 × 8.5 × 1.5 in
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