Take a wild ride inside auto racing with this three-book set by famed author Jade Gurss--available exclusively from Octane Press! 

John Andretti’s life was driven by family and fueled by a passion for racing. In Racer, Andretti candidly recounts how these powerful forces shaped a diverse professional driving career. The honesty and character that defined Andretti’s life offer a behind-the-scenes look at racing at all levels full of lessons in racing and life supplied by this fiery and fiercely competitive driver.  

John is a wonderful storyteller, and the book is comprised of a series of John’s stories as told to bestselling author Jade Gurss (BeastIn the RedDriver #8). The book opens with John’s memories of growing up as a member of auto racing’s famous family. His father, Aldo, is the twin brother of Mario Andretti. The book offers an intimate look at the interplay between these two men, and how their intensity and integrity shaped John’s life.

Beast was the nickname of a shocking new race engine unveiled for the 1994 Indianapolis 500. The massive effort to design and build it in a seemingly impossible timeframe is still hailed as one of the most herculean efforts and well-kept secrets in the history of the Indy 500. In the award-winning book, Beast, bestselling author Jade Gurss chronicles the subterfuge and debunks the myths about this legendary power plant that persist twenty years on.

​This revised trade paperback edition of BEAST features new commentary on the technical development as well as analysis of the purchase of IMS by Roger Penske. 

Dale Earnhardt’s death is the most prominent moment in NASCAR history, and millions of people around the world know about the tragedy on the final lap of the 2001 Daytona 500. But, only a handful of people know what went on behind the scenes before and after that horrible crash. In the Red is an insider’s look at the 2001 NASCAR season with his son, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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Title: Racer, Beast and In the Red
ISBN-13: 9781642340334
Publisher: Octane Press
Publication date: Friday, October 9, 2020
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Author: Jade Gurss