Lee Klancher and a host of talented contributors bring you an interesting array of gearhead-related spaces from around the world. Readers will step havens that range from lavish palaces in exotic locales to hardcore enthusiast's funky fuel-scented dens. In addition to private sanctuaries for vehicles, the book includes high-end shops where exotic cars and custom bikes are restored and repaired, and a handful of the best museums in the world.

Stepping into many of these spaces is a like traveling back in time, as the garages and sheds are the result of decades of accumulation of the deitrus of an enthusiast life. The book includes twelve garages from Japan, New Zealand, the UK, and beyond as well as six garages from North America.
Included Garages
  • An elaborate jewel of a garage in Tokyo, where a Lamborghini and Ferrari 360 can be elevated into the living room on a retractable floor.
  • The Ferrari-littered shop of a restorer and race mechanic in Liverpool where Italian iron is lovingly massaged for the track and the street.
  • The memoribilia-strewn pen for vintage Nissan and Lotus sports cars as well as vintage Japanese race bikes in the Mie Prefecture of Honshu, Japan.
  • The Hungarian home of the M55 Beast, a $55,000 electric-powered Terminator-styled bicycle.
  • Gordon Apker’s Chicken Coop, home of the F-88 which sold at the Barret-Jackson Auction for the highest price of any collectible automobile (details here)
  • The restoration shop of the King of Kaponga, a world-reknown restorer's well-worn hovel in a remote portion of New Zealand.
  • A peak inside a complex of warehouses and garages that store more than 170 Eastern European cars deep in the heart of central Budapest.
  • The home of some of the most exotic cars on the planet--including a Bugatti Veyron and Maserati MC31--owned by a mysterious man with taste in cars matched by pockets deep enough to build one of the most elaborate car holes on the planet.

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Title: Dream Garages International
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