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Get Elspleth Beard's fantastic book, Lone Rider, and the Adventure Motorcycle Calendar 2020 for a special package price in this bundle, exclusively from Octane Press. 

In 1982, at the age of twenty-three, Elspeth Beard left her family and friends in London and set off on a 35,000-mile solo adventure around the world on her 1974 BMW R60/6. With some savings from her pub job, a tent, a few clothes, and some tools, all packed on the bike, she was determined to prove herself and to get over a recent heartbreak. She had ridden bikes since her teens and was already well traveled, but this journey would be the toughest thing she’d ever done. By the time she returned to England two years later, she was 30 pounds lighter and decades wiser. She’d ridden through deserts and mountain ranges and war-ravaged countries. She’d faked documents and fended off sexual attacks, biker gangs, and corrupt police who were convinced she was trafficking drugs. She’d survived brutal crashes and life-threatening illnesses and she’d fallen in love with two very different men. In an age before email, the Internet, mobile phones, and GPS, Elspeth had to navigate with unreliable maps, communicate by post, and fix her bike with the tools she carried with her, but she achieved her goal nonetheless. Told with honesty and wit, this is the extraordinary and moving story of a unique and life-changing adventure.

Exploring the world on today's modern adventure motorcycles offers the opportunity to see some of the most spectacular corners of the globe. In this stunning calendar, travel along with Simon Cudby the crew from Upshift Onlie as they and some of the finest photographers in the business explore remote parts of the world on two wheels. Whether you love motorcycles or travel to remote places, this visually captivating calendar is sure to provide a full year of inspiration.

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Title: Adventure Calendar 2020 and Lone Rider Cyber Monday Deal
Subtitle: A Great Read and 12 Months of Adventure Travel
ISBN-13: 9781642340129
Publisher: Octane Press
Publication date: Friday, November 15, 2019
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Author: Elspeth Beard